Angry Elf Entertainment, LLC

Tampa Video and Film Production

Video and film production in beautiful Tampa Bay! No matter what stage your project is at, we can help. With a strong passion for independent film, we can help take your screenplay from draft to delivery.

Let’s get to work!

Let Angry Elf Entertainment produce your next feature film.

With experience helping produce 15 feature films here in the Tampa Bay area, Angry Elf knows how to put your project together using the best available equipment, locations, and crew. Whether your project is non-union, SAG, IATSE, or DGA, we have the experience to make sure your project runs smoothly.

About us

Making movies is our passion.

Great script?

Sunlight, Camera, Action!!!

Considering filming in Tampa Bay?

In addition to the tremendous production value of filming locally, film incentives in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties can help protect your investors. We can assist with the incentive process for both Pinellas and Hillsbourgh counties as well as the state of Florida sales tax exemption.

Permits are required for all filming done for commercial purposes. We can permit your minors as well as your locations, and have a working relationship with the film comissions.

Whether your film is pre-sold, or privately funded, we will approach your budget and production in the manner that best protects your investors without compromising your vision for the film.  From local incentives to the Florida sales tax exemption, we can handle the logistics while you focus on the creativity.

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Film Production

From the intial budget to the final delivery of the film, we are your production partners every step of the way.

  • Initial budgets and scheduling

  • Location Scouting

  • SAG Signatory Agreements

  • Casting

  • IATSE Agreements

  • Hiring Crew

  • Set Construction

  • Equipment Rentals

  • Insurance and Payroll

  • Production Management

  • Post Production

  • Script Clearances

  • Final deliverables

Location Management

From the initial scout to the final business release, we can assist with your location needs.

  • Location Scouting

  • Location Agreements

  • Establish Parking Areas

  • Determine Power Supply

  • Determine Internet Availability

  • Establish Talent Holding

  • Establish Restroom Options

  • Determine Trash Disposal

  • Creat Maps for Call Sheets

  • Final Walk Through and dummy sweep for all locations

  • Business Releases


From named talent to non-union locals, we can assist with your casting needs.

  • Casting breakdowns

  • Sides for auditions

  • Casting on Actors Access and Social Media

  • Live or Self-Tape Auditions

  • Audition Screening and Feedback

  • Communicate with Talent Agents

  • Negotiate Offers

  • Short Form Deal Memos
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